FAQ - Boodskap

General Questions

Boodskap platform is a complete IoT infrastructure where you can plug and play any kind of hardware / sensors into its message gateways to start processing the messages into the system. 
The integration is made very simple and painless, no software programming is required, and you just have to configure the device endpoints in the system and start receiving from different kinds of sensors data. 
Reverse communication between devices and gateways are made very easy, you could simply send/broadcast any kind of data to the remote device with one single API call, the platform will take care of when and where and what channel to communicate to the device automatically.

You could right away register online and start using the platform hosted in our cloud.
Refer to Boodskap IoT documentation, if you want to download Boodskap IoT platform and use it on your premises or locally.

Boodskap IoT platform can be hosted in the Cloud, on your Premises or locally on your PC or even Raspberry Pi.

Currently, Boodskap support MQTT, HTTP, UDP gateways.

 Once you register with the platform, you will be assigned with a random domain key, it’s a static value and it remains unchanged forever
 You will be assigned a random API Key upon registration, you can re-generate it using admin dashboard

For North America, Business Hours are defined as 9:00AM to 8:00PM EST, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. For other countries, Business Hours are defined 9:00AM to 6:00PM, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Please refer to the available support plans at Boodskap Pricing Page.

You must be an account owner to purchase a support plan. Support Plans can be purchased either online or through Enterprise Agreement.

Yes, please visit our Pricing Page for more information.