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Best integrated out-of-box IoT platform. Bring your idea and see it developed on the fly!

Boodskap platform is a complete IoT infrastructure where you can plug and play any kind of hardware / sensors into its message gateways to start processing the messages into the system.

Wide variety of industry standard IoT protocols like MQTT, CoAP, HTTP and legacy M2M protocols and communication channels like UDP, TCP, FTP, TFTP, SMS, E-Mail are supported. The integration is made very simple and effortless. Most cases, no software programming is required, you just have to configure the device endpoints in the system and start receiving data from different kinds of sensors and devices.

Reverse communication between devices and gateways are made very simple, you could simply send/broadcast any kind of data to the remote device with one single API call, the platform will take care of when and where and what channel to communicate to the device automatically.


Robust architecture, zero maintenance environment, cluster and data storage can auto heal from most critical failures, no single point failures.

  • Well tested and matured codebase
  • Fault detection and prevention mechanisms
  • Fault measurements and prediction modules in-built
  • Every aspect of the system is built for high fault tolerance
  • Incoming raw data REDO mechanisms implemented to mitigate hard failures
  • Alerts and Notifications on system failures


Built using sophisticated horizontal scale-out and clustering architectures to deliver elastic scalability at petabyte scale. In-Memory stream processing

  • Horizontally scalable distributed architecture that supports adding and removing cluster nodes on demand
  • Data stored in platform will also survive full cluster failures
  • Cluster restarts can be very fast, as the data becomes operational instantaneously directly from disk
  • Collocating computations with data. As a result, platform scales better and minimizes data movement
  • Memory-Centric Database, Caching, and Processing
  • Transactional, analytical, and streaming workloads delivering in-memory speeds
  • Durable memory component treats RAM not just as a caching layer but as a complete fully functional storage layer


Minimizing downtime and service interruptions is often a high priority for robust IoT systems.

  • Multi-Regional and Multi-Zonal clustering
  • On-Demand cluster up and down sizing to address high volume systems
  • Geographically distributed clustering to mitigate mission critical failures
  • Data can be partitioned and replicated across multiple regions in near real-time
  • Hot backup clusters can be configured


End-to-End secure channels for IoT device connectivity. Security at design or implementation or deployment stages

  • Secured API for data exchange
  • PKI and Digital certificates for authorized communication
  • Password and certificate rotation policies
  • Over the air updates
  • Encrypted message exchange mechanisms

Boodskap Platform Architecture



Truly multi-vertical & out-of-box ecosystem

As IoT deployment requirements become more complex, the supporting platform needs to have greater available capabilities for greater flexibility. That’s where Boodskap's fully integrated platform differentiate itself. It is designed to encompass a much broader treatment of IoT operations than mere application or middleware platforms

There are many aspects of an application which can be completely industry / solution agnostic, most developers simply redo the stuff instead of creating a reusable package out of it. Boodskap has a very modular approach to address the industries common problems, anything that can be reused are created as either plugins or context objects or modules.

For an example, sending a SMS is a simple one line action item, but underneath different providers like Tropo, Twilio, SMS Country, etc... has different API's for them; here the platform has a notification module where the API is same for all the providers you can fast track and support your implementation at global scale by simply bringing in new providers behind the scene without affecting the existing solutions.

While presenting some of your derived content as visual elements on the dashboard, mobile, kiosk, etc.... Boodskap has a in-built widget mechanism widgets can be very powerful, it can save a ton of developer time and testing time, simply develop multiple widgets and just drag & drop them on various parts of your UI to reuse them effectively.


Simplify your IoT developments & friction less operations

Boodskap offers a new approach, Ready-to-Connect Solutions, that streamlines the development, deployment, and operation of large-scale IoT solutions, so as to accelerate time-to-revenue, increase security and add business flexibility while lowering overall costs

No matter what problem you are trying to solve, the platform address things very simple. Be it a high-volume data problem, high velocity problem, complex computations, analytics, machine learning, etc... A variety of utility API's and context objects are readily available to address most of your complicated logics. Powerful live debugging and monitoring tools are in-built in the developer console to intercept your live data

Integrating your live machine data with your enterprise application is literally effortless, all possible connectors are in-built in the platform, you just pick the right one for your environment and configure it. You can integrate real-time data feeds/streams to your infrastructure

There is no big steep learning curve, just use your in-house expertise to deliver, API's can be extended and utilized in 30+ different programming languages of your choice


Anything comes in can be classified & analyzed.

A critical aspect of any IoT solution is the ability to manage the volumes of data generated and provide users and administrators with the ability to generate actionable results. That includes not only working with the data generated by the devices in the IoT network, but also being able to integrate data streams from other sources to create context and meaning for richer results. Too often, IoT data is considered in isolation. While it has intrinsic value, it is far more powerful for an organization when it is blended with data from the rest of the enterprise.

Boodskap has integrated with some of the industries powerful big-data storage and search engines which can handle and store at peta bytes scale. Unlike traditional RDBMS queries, these search and analytics queries can get executed in near real-time.

The platform also has a traditional ANSI 99 SQL like distributed engine, which can also handle petabytes of data, data can be spanned or replicated across nodes and your distributed queries will executed in parallel on different nodes harnessing the power of its hardware to deliver results in near real-time.

Distributed and In-Memory data structures can be created on the fly to compute your high voluminous data with an option of disk caching and permanent storage too. Working with data can't be more intuitive and fun, by combining the right mix of these, you could deliver solutions very quickly and robust


The IoT is not just one thing; it’s the integration of several things.

Boodskap IoT platform can create a lasting competitive advantage, deliver dramatic gains in business and process efficiency and responsiveness, and extend operations across international borders. Our platform enables new product-as-a-service portfolios, and helps equipment manufacturers, system integrators, application developers and solution providers increase revenue while building closer customer relationships through improved customer engagement

A typical IoT system composes of several integration with 3rd party services and internal enterprise data, when things get mature, the complexity of maintaining the interoperable compatibility grows to a greater extend. Boodskap addresses such intricate complexities very simple. Multiple versions of the dependencies are kept intact and updated frequently while maintaining the backward compatibilities

New services and toolkits are emerging in the market quite fast; our platform plugin team works with the industry trends and keep releasing new functionalities instantaneously. There exist multiple providers for many interesting and intuitive industry problems, the platform works with several such vendors and constantly releases unified API and plugin access to such solutions, you can keep your codebase simple and readable while having the ability to choose multiple providers without changing anything you have already developed.


The timeliness of IoT project results has a direct relation to its usefulness

Boodskap as a comprehensive platform, supports both stream and batch data processing. Because of the large potential volume of IoT data, stream processing – where data is worked on as it’s acquired – is a fundamental requirement. Effective stream processing can not only help produce timely results, but it can also help manage data storage requirements and control data distribution

Most IoT devices in the market has their proprietary messaging standards, it is a developer nightmare to understand and parse those data and integrate with the backend, platform provides a live introspection APIs as well a sophisticated UI to monitor and debug the incoming data in real-time.

Platform's rules engine module plays a major role in augmenting / parsing & decoding the incoming data. The key advantage of having a centralized rules engine is, the data can enter the platform in any form through any channels like MQTT, CoAP, UDP, HTTP, those data are available in the rules engine in real-time to do further processing to create meaningful actions

Rules can be controlled and configured to execute in parallel or in sequence depending upon the transaction nature of the data you are dealing with. Like object-oriented coding, the platform had various kinds of rules to partition your intellectual decoding logic into multiple stages which makes the algorithms more readable and maintainable by multiple personals at the same time.


Ability to quickly and efficiently launch new services is critical for companies aiming to benefit from emerging opportunities

IoT implementation typically begins with prototyping, moves through many steps of integrating products and platforms, and is then followed by multi-site testing and global deployment. The multi-faceted integration phase is where all the IoT elements come together. It can be a challenging exercise, since any issues of interoperability can be costly to address and time-consuming to fix after solution roll-out. With Boodskap and its unified interfaces rolling out each stage are trouble free and painless

Boodskap provides state-of-art no coding drag & drop interfaces to develop visually appealing user interfaces on the fly, you can design screens for multiple devices and operating system and browsers using the in-built editors. Separate builders are available for website and mobile screens. Traditional form style applications / interfaces can also be developed very quickly using the form builder interface.

Building a full functional and workable proof of concept (POC) is essential for any new development, utilizing the platform developer studio and its data query and search functionalities modules, POCs can be delivered at a blink of an eye timeframe. Widgets and Plugins, helps you to fast-track your solution building with smooth developer experience

Integrating with commonly available IoT / M2M hardware are made dramatically simplified, ton of sample applications and SDKs are available and open sources at Boodskap's git repository. More than 400+ varieties of sensors and devices can be integrated with the platform in no time. Idea to go-to-market can be an effortless experience with the platform


The many devices used in IoT require operational support to remain functional and secure. The operational hygiene is a huge part of the work of keeping the deployment healthy

One of the most fundamental aspects of device management is the operational inventory of the devices in the deployment and a secure means of validating and communicating with them. Maintaining an asset registry provides a way to control and extend device management. For larger deployments and where gateways distribute communications tasks, the authentication and communication mechanisms have to extend to the edges of the environment. Boodkap's device and OTA (over the air) modules are highly extensible to meet every growing ranges of IoT devices with variety of protocols to configure and upgrade its software

Innovation and break-through ideas started surfacing and getting coin termed so fast in this current market, keeping up-to the industry trends and needs are far more crucial than ever before, Boodskap provides are full extensible component and API mechanism to address every growing trends. Bringing in a new idea or incorporating with a service provider can be made quick and swift

For matured corporates and industries, moving out or upgrading the existing infrastructure will be highly challenging, with Boodskap, you can make your current investments and future upgrades co-exists without compromising the industry needs and quality. Highly trained and experienced resources are always a hard find in the market. Using the platform, with a handful of existing technicians, you could still deliver a high functional application at a very low cost and time


Highly Extensible & Outstanding Modular Architecture.

Platform is implemented using some of the most modern and robust technologies. All functionalities are exposed as micro services. Drop-In container-based deployments. and the deployment venues can be on-premises, hosted or cloud-based environment. As a flexible platform, Boodskap offers a range of support that can be tailored to the deployment’s needs both today and in the future

While the application delivery is the main ROI of most IoT implementation, what developers fail to understand is, keeping the connected / remote infrastructure and devices healthy and safe is the most salient need to keep your business growing. Complexity of various IoT protocols and proprietary hardware specifications makes the task more complex and vulnerable

Platform's digital twin and data lake capabilities will help fight the maintenance nightmare. Bulk configuration and firmware updates can be scheduled and monitored. Devices health can be constantly analyzed and monitored. Grouping assets and devices and assigning actionable items based on events will help deliver a more robust and secured network

Overall health dashboard gives a lot of information to the system administrators to help maintain the deployment and do preventative maintenance. Malformed equipment spitting out ton of poison data can be globally addressed at the cluster level to prevent overloaded system and decreased throughput of real-time performance


Boodskap runs at Goverment Agencies & Bluechip Companies.

Using Boodskap platform, over a dozen of solutions has been developed in-house as separate products and numerous applications are tailored made for some of our clients at few fortunes 500 companies and Government Agencies. Several hundreds of Startups/SMEs/Individuals have adapted Boodskap across the globe. We have partnered with various educational institutions and hardware OEM/ODM manufacturers & vendors.

We have deployed the platform in a variety of environment, Boodskap runs as a standalone instance in a single server instance, or it can be configured as a docker service cluster or AWS, Azure and GCP node instances, etc.

Our public free instance runs on Amazon AWS with 8 node cluster instances with over 50+ on demand processing nodes to address large user and device base.

One of our USA Government public sector department runs three separate instances for Development, QA and Production with 10 nodes, 120 CPU cores, 640GB of RAM and 10TB of disk store to handle millions of user and system information data analytics


IoT projects often involves new and bleeding technologies, taking leverage of our skilled expertise could dramatically improve the quality of service and meeting time critical deadlines.

We can augment and train your internal resources and help ensure pre and post-deployment success. We also have strong partnerships with several consulting organizations and device manufacturers through which we can make a careful recommendation of available consultants who are already skilled in the platform, its implementation and deployment technologies

Journey with Boodskap team is always fun and intellectual, we bring a little over 200+ man years of industry expertism to help jump start your ideas

We practice both agile and waterfall models for our customer project deliveries

Endless possibilities & opportunities

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