Private Cloud - Boodskap
40 Cores
160 gb RAM

A dedicated rack is provided to house the scaled-out building blocks, due to the complexity of the cabling and wiring, the amount of rack space that is needed, and the power and infrastructure needed. Auto shutdown option is provided for power failure situations.

7+ yrs experience in IOT
1M+ Connected Devices
Features Rack Server
# of cores 40 cores
No of CPU 5 AMD Ryzen CPU processors
HDD/SSD 10 TB Solid State Drives (SSD)
Body 3 mm Mild steel body with powder coating
Memory 160 GB RAM
UPS 5 connected UPS for power supply
Display 24 inch LED monitor

* works only with boodskap software

Top 6 Reasons To Own a Boodskap IoT Private Cloud

01. Costs

The single most important aspect for any company is the TCO (total cost of ownership) associated with the IT infrastructure. This is the most important point where public cloud IoT platform offerings cannot deliver for SMBs.

Boodskap IoT platform deployed as a Private Cloud solution is 85x less expensive compared to AWS, Azure, GCP or Oracle cloud, over 3 years and for the same workload

02. Efficiency & control

Boodskap platform is hosted either on-site or in a third-party data center, that is also a privately hosted environment. This gives you more control over your data and infrastructure, allowing you to intervene promptly should changes be needed.

Your IT department can monitor application deployment and use advanced analytics to predict and prevent bottlenecks and downtime.

03. Security & privacy

Another great benefit of Boodskap private cloud is the improved level of security compared to the public IoT platform cloud. All data is saved and managed on servers to which no other company has access. This greatly improves data privacy. If the servers are on-site, they are managed by an internal IT team.

Therefore, the organization does not need to worry about the physical security of the infrastructure. If servers are located in a datacenter, the same internal IT team will access the data through highly secure networks instead of using your every-day, unsecured internet connection.

04. Customization

There is no one-size-fits all solution. An important feature of the Boodskap platform in private clouds is the level of customization they offer. Each organization has a set of technical and business requirements that usually vary according to company size, industry, business objectives etc.

With a private cloud, you can choose an infrastructure with specific storage and networking characteristics, so that the system meets your individual needs perfectly.

05. Compliance

As previously mentioned, businesses of all shapes and sizes need to comply with national/ internal laws and policies. The private Boodskap cloud is an ideal option in this case, as it can be deployed in accordance with any retention and access-control policies.

For any company, customer information is considered (by law and common-sense) to be highly sensitive user data. Businesses need to have a great control over their data, in addition to ensuring data privacy. For example, in the case of a data breach, it may be rather difficult to access security logs from a public IoT cloud. Not a problem if you own your private cloud.

06. Ensuring business continuity

Ensuring business continuity is more difficult to achieve if you don’t own your infrastructure. You’re planning to stay in business for a long time and so is your public IoT cloud service provider. But what if it doesn’t?! In this agile, constantly changing business world, there is no guarantee that your provider will stay in business longer than you will. And technology is evolving at a fast pace, we all know that.

Should your provider suddenly go out of business, it will be a long and very difficult process to migrate all of your applications and data to a new cloud. So why take any chances? On a private Boodskap IoT cloud you have privacy, control and you can ensure the continuity of your business.

Top 10 Reasons To Learn IoT

01. Better scope for a future Data scientist

One of the unavoidable parts of the web is information science and examination. For every information arrangement that is being made and created, there must be the best information to be made.

If you are planning to be a data scientist in the near future, this is the right scope to opt for since it will give you the right map of things associated with the web. Certainly, IoT has got a lot more scope for the students in terms of making a career and even exploring more opportunities if starting up with their own business.

It is one of the perfect walls that build the gap between the physical location, geography, language, and even the status at an economic level. Often we wonder whether blending education with technology can work. But with IoT, it is certainly possible.

02. Better learning for creators each day

Those who have been promoting IoT need to understand that once they learn it, their journey does not stop here. Rather, it is a more creative option for children and there is nothing better than learning and exploring the applications.

Since it offers better communication and decision-making solutions, learners become more confident to represent themselves. It is the best opportunity for career-oriented students since they can build, control, and even understand the system on its own.

Choosing such a career platform has no death or ending. The more such students learn the concepts, the better they understand that there are more things to explore. It thus, keeps the tech-friendly people get more engagement with new techniques and understanding. It is a better platform to come up with our own creativity and showcase talent.

There has been so much unedifying obsession with regard to technology. Students have a better opportunity to blend it well with the internet and come up with their very own concept. This is the main reason why it is advised to opt for IoT learning.

03. Better encouragement

In this competitive world, you might wonder if it is the right choice to be made in terms of career opportunities or not. But the fact is, if you want to grow in this competitive market, the internet is the best platform to choose from.

With so many people that get connected with each other, making the right use of tools, software and tutorials are quite easy and this is the main reason why each day many students think of this option. Furthermore, there is no looking back once you enter this field.

It gives you a wide array of opportunities that you may not find anywhere. This is the main reason for the encouragement that students find when they opt for such a type of career option.

04. A User-friendly programming language

When it comes to learning IoT students have to expect to use different tools and programming languages that can be used in the near future. The fact is coding is one of the most common ways that offer better techniques to be used on the internet.

Since IoT includes the most user-friendly tools, it is easy to reach and the device's usability along with the internet is quite a lot. This means you don’t really have to be worried if you are actually going to learn anything or not, since it offers an incredible scope of learning.

You will find the content that has been created for this topic a lot more detailed and informative. There are different basics that are covered such as C language, hardware, networking to name a few. Of course, a sufficient explanation is also offered for such an option.

05. Affordable Option of learning

At a learning age, you need to think of choices that would offer more knowledge than the price. I thought it was a trending concept but the best part is this concept is available at great pricing.

Keeping the cost of services and components in mind, you might wonder if it is a costly affair. However, the fact is the scenario is entirely different. Rather, it is one of the cost-friendly solutions you can choose in terms of learning.

With a wide range of topics that are being covered, you can get trained in IoT at great pricing that you may not find in any other course. In the learning course, there will be some of the exercises that will be given.

It shall definitely be the most excellent course to choose from. Besides, it allows you to explore hardware and learn more about it, and know-how can make it easier. This way, it gives you a better scope of coding and hardware.

06. Better Career Opportunities

The Internet has become the ultimate platform for any kind of business irrespective of location and industrial sector. However, to make the right use of the internet it is equally important to understand the right techniques. With IoT training, students get to know essential tips and tricks. This way whether they want to start their own business or go with a better plan to start with their own business, this is worth the time to be invested in. this way, and it allows the students to know:
● The right use of the internet
● How to target the right set of audience
● Make the use of data that gets generated
● Access and maintain the data and use it as and when required

07. A better understanding of business strategies

Those students who look forward to coming up with their own business shall certainly take a course on this topic. The reason is since e-commerce is a platform that offers better convenience through desktop and phones, choosing this solution for business purposes is always beneficial.

Thus, it allows the students to gain knowledge on how to come up with efficient business tragedies that would help them grow in the competitive market environment.

08. Safe and secure learning Environment

Student security is the primary concern for anyone. Certainly, to have the safest and secure environment, you as an institution would want to look around for better infrastructure facilities and good learning solutions. If you admit your student to learning IoT, it can be bliss for them.

09. The mobile Era

There is no doubt that the mobile era has turned out to be a point of change, development, and growth for many. For those learning students it is more beneficial for the fact that it offers quite a lot of outsourcing opportunities to make a career. With smartphones being a ruler nowadays, there is a big reason why the Internet would be flourishing.

The big companies are hiring students with experience in using IoT since they are hoping to reach many more people through such sources. The companies that face customers on a regular basis take it as a challenge which they make sure they do in the right possible manner.

10. A better way to survive and Flourish

By choosing the option of IoT, there are a lot many options that are possible in terms of energy conservation, environmental solution, and even the transport and traffic option. Students get a better infrastructure facility to learn this subject at the same time new learning opportunities would emerge.

It is more like a student living a green lifestyle which can save a lot of money that is to date being spent on educational programs.